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Automatinis kriptovaliutų skolinimas ir įdarbinimas

Paskutinis atnaujinimas: Apr 10, 2020

After getting some interest from our Clients about earning interest on their crypto assets we decided to add this feature.
To achieve this we have created automated lending bots, which participate in markets such as Compound.
Automated crypto lending 99% of the time is lending money to margin traders who use leverage to trade and pay interest for borrowing money.
The cryptocurrency that is borrowed is backed by margin traders balance, which gets forcefully/programmatically liquidated if it gets below a certain threshold.
This ensures that the borrower will repay the debt, before going bankrupt if such scenario happens.

If you enable auto lending we will auto lend it on different platforms/exchanges.

Our requirements for lending platforms/exchanges:

  • Passing our internal due dilligence
  • Interest is guaranteed programmatically(forced liquidation or smart contract)
  • Liquidity lock up is less than 72 hours

Currently supported auto lending coins: BTC, LTC, ETH, ETC, BCH, USDT, USDC, DAI

You can enable auto lending of your crypto assets by going to Account -> Information -> clicking on Enable, next to this feature.

Auto lending terms:

  • Kaiserex charges 10% fee from received earnings
  • Interest are deposited on 1st day of the month and on 15th
  • If lent crypto balance is moved, no interest is paid for previous period(~15 days)
  • If auto lending is enabled, lending starts with all available balances either from 1st or 15th day of the month
  • Client may have to wait up to 3 days for withdrawal
  • Client will receive a message each time interest deposit is credited

March lending performance:

Yearly % returns:

BTC - 1.63%
LTC - 0.77%
ETH - 1.24%
ETC - 1.78%
BCH - 0.54%
USDT - 1.34%
USDC - 0.76%
DAI - 4.89%

Risk disclosure

Kaiserex as a premium exchange looks for the best interest/risk ratio for auto lending opportunities in the market. Since we are forced to rely on other exchanges/platforms we do not take responsibility for their actions and conduct. In the event of partner exchange/platform hack/theft Kaiserex will provide proof of missing crypto and assist in legal action to try to recover missing assets. Kaiserex will not reimburse or pay for any losses incurred.

During our operations we do strict due diligence on exchanges/platforms. However our business nature forces us to use other companies which we have no control of and we have to hold part of our Clients’ money with them.

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